material things

i left all my prints in texas...but i really should have brought this one.

when i move into a new place in june ill start doing things 'right' and put things on the wall. im sad i basically ruined the only print i had up here, one of lauren tarbel's that she printed for me on the last day of class. which was in december but feels like a thousand years ago...
she hasn't put any of my favorite images of hers on her website but her self portraits are all really great...but the one of her leaning on that tree needs to be in there! hello lauren!!

i don't know how to photograph here yet. i can't exactly figure that out. but i will...i think i am going to do that class at ICP. its only 310 with my TA discount (!) and amy stein is teaching it, but i really just want to get in a car and drive to new mexico...who's down?

visit from the bard tards



and more to come soon when i get the roll dee-vel-opt (as my mother would say)